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Medscheck Service

Ask us about Medscheck today, and ensure all of your medications are right for you.

Medscheck – Putting Your Health First

Are you confused by your medicines? Do you take 5 or more medications daily?

If this sounds like you, we understand how difficult it can be to keep track of everything. Whether it’s the time of day you need to take them, the dosage amounts or any potential side effects you need to manage, it can be tricky. That’s why we decided to implement our very own Medscheck service at Coorparoo Discount Pharmacy. 

Ensuring your medications are doing what they’re supposed to, and that you understand them is crucial to managing your medical conditions. Because we understand how difficult it can be, Medscheck helps you keep on top of everything.

This service allows you time to sit down one on one with a pharmacist and go through all your medications. This can help us make sure you understand you medicines, that they are right for you and are indeed being taken correctly to avoid side effects and other possible problems.

At completion of this service you will be given a profile of your medications and an action plan. If we feel you need to speak to your doctor about certain medications you’re taking, we’ll be sure to let you know. Don’t leave your health to chance – ask us about our one-on-one medications consultancy today.

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