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AstraZenecaModerna, Pfizer, 5 – 11yo PfizerFlu Vaccine

Booster needs to be 3 months after covid infection or previous covid vaccine. For over 30’s winter vax needs to be 3 months after covid infection or previous vaccine.

Blood Pressure Screening

Free blood pressure screening is quick and easy, but it could save your life.

Having high blood pressure places you in higher risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure is often known as the silent killer, because it can often have no identifiable symptoms. However, it can still cause irreparable damage to your body. Whether you’re young or old, and particularly if you’ve had high blood pressure in the past, we encourage you to come and get checked. If you are worried about high blood pressure, come in for testing today.

At Coorparoo Discount Pharmacy, we understand the competing priorities in life. It can be difficult and sometimes costly to see a doctor, particularly if you only need a quick blood pressure check. 

This is a free service offfered in-store.


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