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Booster needs to be 3 months after covid infection or previous covid vaccine. For over 65’s wintervax needs to be 4 months after covid infection or previous vaccine.

Independent Living

Independent living advice and products for people at all stages of life.

Home Healthcare includes


Mobilty aids (eg.walking frames, sticks, four-wheeled walkers, crutches)


Arthritic aids (pick-up sticks, squeeze balls, kitchen utensils)


Showering/Toileting aids




Dosing aids and tablet cutters


Blood pressure monitors.

We offer an extensive homehealth care range and expert advice. We will guide you through the options and products available to find what most suits your needs. Some of these items are also available on a hire/purchase arrangement so you can “try before you buy”.

We can liase with Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare professionals on your behalf and where necessary to find what best works for you. We take the time to listen and to understand our customers needs because – we care.


Give our friendly team a call, because we'd love to answer any of your questions!




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